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Lorna Somers Legacy Giving Award of Excellence

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2022 Lorna Somers Legacy Giving Award of Excellence


Lorna Somers and special guest, Dr. Frank Minton

Welcome to CAGP’s Niagara Golden Horseshoe Chapter’s Lorna Somers Legacy Giving Award of Excellence submission call! Huge thanks to our 2022 award sponsors, The Donor Motivation Program.


Do you know an outstanding professional whose passion and dedication takes legacy giving to a whole new level? Give a shout-out! 

Eligibility criteria
• Nominee must live and/or work in the Niagara Golden Horseshoe Region
• Impact of their contributions must be felt within the Niagara Golden Horseshoe Region
• Nominee does not have to be a CAGP member and neither does the person submitting the nomination
• CAGP Executive Committee members cannot be nominated for the award
• Deadline to submit your nominations is August 31, 2022

All nominees will be informed that a vote has been cast in their honour and our winner will be notified following an evaluation process by our Selection Committee. 


Thank you all for your amazing commitment to CAGP, to our communities, and our donors.

Lisa Gonnering
2019 Recipient 

To nominate your peer, please complete your submission form:

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