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New Member Orientation

  • 1. How do I register for events and the CAGP National Conference?
    You should review our Events & PD opportunities and follow the instructions for each registration. Generally, you will register through our CAGP Chapter for local education sessions and AGM. You will register for the Conference through the CAGP National office.
  • 2. Does my CAGP membership entitle me/my organization to the benefits offered through Will Power?
    Your CAGP membership entitles you to benefits including discounted rates for events and conferences, networking and career building. You must register as a Will Power member in order to receive the benefits associated with this program. Your Will Power membership entitles you to a one free CAGP membership.
  • 3. As a member of CAGP Niagara/Golden Horseshoe, am I entitled to the member rates for sessions and events offered through other chapters?"
    Yes, all CAGP Niagara/Golden Horseshoe Chapter members receive discounted rates for courses and sessions offered through other CAGP Chapters.
  • 4. When I register for an event, am I automatically given the member pricing options?"
    You will need to ensure your membership is up-to-date prior to registration for events. Choose the appropriate member selection when processing your registration.
  • 5. How do I check on my membership status?
    Please contact us, add Membership Status as the subject, for an update on you membership status.
  • 6. How am I reminded when my membership is coming up for renewal?
    You will receive notifications from our national office as well as our chapter’s Membership Chair approximately one month prior to membership expiration date.
  • 7. How do I update my contact information?
    When you have a change of contact info or job, please contact us and we will update our records. Add Update my Contact Information as the subject in the contact form.
  • 8. How should I track my professional development credits?
    Educational and event sessions often offer professional designation credits. You are entitled to these credits. We recommend you self-track your education and keep a copy of all registrations and certificates in your files. You can review the credits offered for each course at the time of registration.

If you have more questions, we are happy to speak with you directly. 

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