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Why Become a Member

At CAGP, we inspire and educate the people involved in strategic charitable gift planning. Your membership strengthens philanthropic giving and provides you with opportunities to access:

  • Relevant and beneficial tax and legislative information 

  • Networking with like-minded professionals and experts

  • Outstanding learning and professional development sessions 


Our members are leaders in Canada’s charitable community, achieving their personal and professional goals while impacting Canada’s philanthropic landscape in a meaningful way, and providing donors with new and innovative ways to realize their philanthropic dreams. Our members play key roles in expanding the fundraising options available to charitable organizations. Through our commitment to a stringent Code of Ethics, continual learning and networking, and a willingness to share, we help each other grow and develop as professionals in our respective fields.

Are you a Professional Advisor?

You will meet others who excel at building lasting client relationships. Your clients will benefit from your growing knowledge of strategic charitable giving, and your ability to help them achieve their personal goals. Plus you will have an opportunity to give back to the community by making more people aware of strategic charitable giving and their philanthropic options. 

Are you a Fundraiser?

As a full- or part-time fundraiser, you’ll learn how to effectively use your strategic charitable gift planning toolkit. You will be better able to serve your donors and the organization with which you work by collaborating with members who have specialized skills and knowledge; and your career will benefit from your growing expertise in strategic charitable gift planning and exposure to career opportunities.

For Senior Decision Makers

You will better understand the steps involved in initiating and managing a more strategic and comprehensive approach to fundraising, the benefits of doing so, and how you can go about enhancing your organizational readiness. You will be supporting an organization that is actively advocating for a beneficial tax and legislative environment, and you’ll have the opportunity to join other decision makers in promoting philanthropy and making a difference.

Join a Network of 1,200+ Professionals

Malcolm Burrows, Head, Philanthropic Advisory Services, Scotia Wealth Management

"CAGP has made more major contributions to the development of charitable tax incentives and charitable policy in Canada than any other professional organization. The Government and public servants view CAGP as a knowledgeable, balanced, and credible voice on philanthropy and charities, especially charitable giving issues. It’s our unique blend of charities and top professional advisors that sets us apart.” 

Paola Coronado Hass, Senior Advisor, Development, Heart & Stroke Foundation

"CAGP has been my place to go to learn, innovate and connect with leading experts in strategic philanthropy who are willing to share their expertise and explore new ideas. The quality of education I've received and the network and relationships I've built through CAGP are incomparable and have always proven to be one of the greatest benefits of being a member of CAGP.” 

Betty-Anne Howard, 
Making Dreams A Reality® Ipc Investment Corporation

"Becoming a member of CAGP has been one of the best business and personal decisions I've made in my twenty-year career working in financial services. It has resulted in my having much more meaningful conversations with both my clients and prospective clients about their philanthropic goals and the impact they'd like to have on the world. This in turn has enhanced my relationship with them and resulted in magnifying their charitable gifts. CAGP’s membership is worth every penny.” 

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